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弊社では今までにはない学校外教育活動の指導を致します ー グローバルな未来に向けて、子供たちがクリエイティヴな考え方(創造性)とコミュニケーション力を高め、自分に自信の持てる人に育てる教育を目指しております。レッスンは楽しく集中力も向上し、プロの外国人アーティストによるオリジナルの教材と教えで進められます。


We offer a fresh direction in childrens after-school education - Creativity, Communication and Confidence - vital tools for their global future. Our lessons are fun and engaging, using original materials and teaching techniques - taught by a professional foreign artist.

We currently have two schools in Hatagaya, Shibuya and Koyodai, Inagi.

Learn Art through English, learn English through Art.

Kids ART Program



A fun and educational course that teaches art in immersive English (with a Japanese assistant available) and develops creative thinking from an International perspective. For children between 5 -12 years old.

* Beginner English / No English required.

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